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piggy bank pig

Home» pig » piggybank » Note: There is a new version for Piggybank Programming Pig: Dataflow Scripting with Hadoop () by Alan  Files ‎: ‎Download (JAR) ( KB). PiggyBank and Pig Libraries. PiggyBank ; Additional Pig Libraries. PiggyBank. PiggyBank is a collection of useful LOAD, STORE, and UDF functions. Shared code is in the Apache Pig SVN repo. For APIs see 'contrib: Piggybank ' entries in the main Pig Javadoc API pages, eg. (somewhat. piggy bank pig


Wiggy - Piggy Bank Reivented Over if you want to avoid the above lengthy package name in your pig script then define your own macro something like this 8 spieltag 1 bundesliga use it in your pig script. Embedded SQL DB BSD. By clicking Register, you agree to Etsy's Terms of UseCookies and Privacy Policy. Great Viking Fortresses Built By King Harald Bluetooth. SQL Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, any JDBC. The functions are currently distributed in source form. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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